Expect more from your feedback

Our video feedback software helps companies understand actionable insights today so that they can make the right decisions tomorrow.

Don’t settle for surveys when you can have the full story.

Our technology quickly captures and analyzes video and voice feedback. Intercept gives your employees and customers the opportunity to tell authentic stories about their experiences with your company. From workplace culture insights to product feedback from customers, Intercept's technology will give your company a platform to hear, see and act on valuable feedback.

What makes Intercept different?

Connect with respondents at the moment it matters most

Quickly gather video feedback and testimonials, at scale

Gain analysis on the sentiment behind your respondents' experiences

How does Intercept work?

Respondents answer simple questions about their experience. Intercept analyzes their responses and tracks ongoing sentiment. Share the most insightful responses with your team to bring the voice of the customer into every interaction.

Step 1

Capture customer feedback at the perfect moment

We tie in with your tech stack to send prompts via text message at the perfect moment in your customer's journey.

Step 2

Get to the heart of what matters

You ask your customers questions using audio, video, polls, and ratings. We capture their content in full-fidelity, giving you the most detailed feedback available.

Step 3

Make sense of feedback with Intercept Score and key theme analysis

After capturing your customer's answers, we generate key themes and sentiment scores for each submission, providing you with an overall \"Intercept Score,\" a single metric that gives you the pulse of how your customers feel about you.

Step 4

Humanize feedback with sharable videos and testimonials

Showcase the people and stories behind your data with the ability to view and share each video and audio response, bringing the voice of the customer to inform every decision

You're in good hands

Trusted by leaders of some of the world's most customer-centric organizations.

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Don't stop with just sentiment

With multiple question types to choose from, Intercept helps you capture whatever metrics you need for your use case.


Allow your respondents to select from a list of options using polls and multiple choice questions.


We support thumbs-up/down and smiley face ratings for when you just need a quick response.


Not ready to leave NPS behind? We can still capture your NPS question while augmenting it with video-based context.

open response

Our premium plans allow you to create custom audio/video questions. Ask the questions that matter to you.

Connect with your respondents at the perfect moment

The key to getting the best feedback is capturing it while while it's still fresh. Intercept gives you multiple options for capturing feedback, no matter what point they are in their journey.

CSV upload for bulk sending

For when you just need to get some quick feedback, we offer our CSV import functionality for quick insights with no development resources needed.

Scheduled intercepts

When you want to ensure your questions are delivered at the perfect time, schedule your intercepts for later. We support sending at a specific date and time, or a duration after the intercept is triggered (ie. 1 hour after arrival).

Automate it with Zapier

If you can think it, you can probably build it with Zapier. Automate the sending of intercepts and hook us into any of the thousands of apps available on Zapier.

Developer-friendly API

With an easy-to-use REST API, Intercept makes it simple to hook in to your stack. If you can track a step in your customer's journey, you can trigger it with Intercept's API.

Expect more from your feedback. Give Intercept a try today.