Reimagine how you capture customer feedback

Intercept uses modern mobile video and sentiment analysis to enable business leaders to effortlessly collect and interpret customer experience research at scale.

Customer feedback like you've never seen it before

Intercept reimagines how leaders can make more confident decisions by capturing their customer's feedback. In contrast to traditional post-experience surveys, Intercept captures a customer’s feedback at the instant the customer is experiencing it. All while providing a low barrier-to-entry for your company’s customer experience team and a simple, browser-based video response experience for your customers.

Optimized for easy responses

Capture in-the-moment feedback

You must intercept your customers when they’re actually experiencing or engaging with your brand. Intercept does just that: allowing you to trigger prompts at key touchpoints in the customer experience, resulting in the freshest, most accurate feedback possible.

App-free, barrier-free customer response experience

Intercept removes obstacles for customers and increases their willingness to respond. Intercept provides users with the ability to capture responses directly in the browser, eliminating the need for apps, emails, and surveys designed for the desktop.

Rich response format

Text may work for Twitter, but when you’re trying to create the perfect customer experience, you want more than a couple misspelled sentences. Intercept captures the feedback of the customer using rich formats, such as video, voice, and photos (in addition to text and polls).

See Intercept in action

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Making research accessible

Remember madlibs?

We get it, you have a million things on your plate, and crafting the perfect customer research project probably isn’t one of them. We use our extensive background in customer experience and research best practices to help you easily craft the perfect project. With just a few fill-in-the-blank style questions, we will help you customize a project in areas as diverse as product testing, to hiring, to ethnographic research.

Machine-assisted analysis

To pair with our high-conversion, high-volume, customer feedback machine, we’ve built an analysis engine specifically for helping you make sense of the rich media content we capture. Intercept provides analysis tools such as transcription, sentiment analysis, and top theme analysis - allowing you to understand trends at a glance and zero-in on the most valuable responses.

Build a rich set of owned data

When you’re capturing video, you’re not only capturing customers’ thoughts, you’re capturing valuable content that can be used as you wish. With Intercept, you own your data, and we don’t place limits on how you use it. Collaborate with your teammates, show a customer clip at the beginning of an internal meeting, or even share your content on social as a testimonial. It’s your content... use it your way.