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Stop using surveys to guess what can only be uncovered in a conversation.

Intercept uses audio and video to capture exactly where your employees are struggling, giving you the insights you need to adjust accordingly.

For anyone who really cares about their employees - they feel a disconnection right now. It helps me to really see how people are feeling about stuff, what environment they are working in, what we can do to help them… it’s a huge sense of connection. We are all so disconnected, so this is really giving me a sense of how my team is doing.

- Bret Giles, Co-founder, Audacious Studios

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However you engage with your employees, Intercept has you covered

It’s the perfect blend of control and a helpful touch. Intercept has templates to get you started, but you have the power to ask any question, in any format, at any time, and at any cadence.

Remote standups

Enrich your team’s weekly check-ins and standups with meaningful conversations. Capture not only what employees are working on, but the emotional nuance that only comes with voice and video.

Employee NPS

For companies that use NPS as a cornerstone, Intercept gives you the ability to back up your quarterly NPS questions with voice and video. Intercept makes it easy to attach the "why" to NPS’ "what".

Ongoing satisfaction

Knowing how happy your employees are is key to building a strong culture. Happiness questions are quick and easy, but employees can add video to enrich the conversation; giving you the proof you need to make lasting change.

Crowdsourced decision making

When you’re making a big decision for your office, it’s important to know what your employees think. Quickly bounce questions off your employees to get the entire team involved in your ever-evolving workplace.

Flexibility to ask whatever you want

With multiple question types to choose from, Intercept helps you capture whatever metrics you need for your use case.


Allow your employees to select from a list of options using polls and multiple choice questions.


We support thumbs-up/down and smiley face ratings for when you just need a quick response.


Not ready to leave NPS behind? We can still capture your NPS question while augmenting it with video-based context.

open response

Our premium plans allow you to create custom audio/video questions. Ask the questions that matter to you.

Pricing built for organizations of all sizes

Connecting with teammates is more important now than ever, so we're offering affordable pricing that grows with your team.

All plans start with a 2 week trial for up to 10 employees.



includes 10 employees.

Included features:

  • Pre-set weekly questions
  • Flexible question creation
  • 60 second recordings
  • Speech-to-text
  • Content analysis
  • API access
  • Customizable messaging

Pricing for additional employees

# employeesCost
Up to 10Included
11 - 100$3/add'l employee
101 - 250$2.50/add'l employee
over 250$2.00/add'l employee
Are you a large team looking to use Intercept at scale? Chat with us about volume discounts.
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