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The most powerful stories come directly from the customer. Intercept’s video and audio feedback platform opens the door for a meaningful conversation between your company and its customers.

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However you engage with your customers, Intercept has you covered

With only a minute of your customer’s time, Intercept gathers authentic audio and video experiences. Whether you’re researching market needs for product development or building a database of customer testimonials, Intercept empowers you to implement and understand your customer’s experience.

In-the-moment feedback

With SMS integrated at its core, Intercept is perfect for gathering boots-on-the-ground feedback for in-person experiences and events. By just collecting a phone number, you can capture rich feedback using audio and video, helping you to make changes on-the-fly and capturing your customer’s experience as it happens.

Customer testimonials

Traditional testimonial gathering is a cumbersome, time consuming and expensive process. Intercept’s audio and video testimonial platform encourages your customers to speak naturally and truthfully about their experience with your company. Intercept simplifies the testimonial experience and maximizes engagement.

Product testing

Understanding the needs of your customers is essential for innovative product development. Intercept creates a direct line of communication with your customers, giving them the opportunity to express what they want from your future products.

Targeted touchpoint feedback

Build off Intercept’s API to connect with your customers when it matters most. Use tracking info to capture feedback during unboxing, first use, and periodic check-ins at key moments in your customer’s experiences. Intercept helps you understand the entirety of your customer’s experience, no matter where they are in the customer journey.

Flexibility to ask whatever you want

With multiple question types to choose from, Intercept helps you capture whatever metrics you need for your use case.


Allow your employees to select from a list of options using polls and multiple choice questions.


We support thumbs-up/down and smiley face ratings for when you just need a quick response.


Not ready to leave NPS behind? We can still capture your NPS question while augmenting it with video-based context.

open response

Our premium plans allow you to create custom audio/video questions. Ask the questions that matter to you.

Simple pricing for any organization




includes 1,000 intercepts sent per month*

For teams that just need the basics. Includes a generous quota and basic question types.

All plans include:

  • Peak-end, CX, and NPS Questions
  • 30 second recordings
  • Speech-to-text
  • Content analysis
  • API access
  • Customizable messaging




includes 2,500 intercepts sent per month*

Enhance engagement and build trust by putting your brand front and center.

orbit also includes:

  • Custom questions
  • Custom branding
  • Longer record times
  • Follow-up actions



starts at 5,000 intercepts sent per month*

For enterprise organizations that require advanced security and support options.

velocity also includes:

  • Premium support
  • Secure data segregation
*Additional intercepts are billed at $5 per 100 intercepts
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